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1. 单词拼写

(1) The captain gave the order to a________ the ship because it was sinking.

(2) Plants a________ carbon dioxide and give off oxygen.

(3) Tim was looking through an old photo a___________, with pictures of Christmas.

(4) I’m sorry about breaking the vase; it was an a________; I mean I did not intend to do it.

(5) I've opened an a_____________ with the Agricultural Bank of China.

(6) He works hard day in and day out; we are all a__________ about his safety.

(7) He has never achieved his a________________ (夙愿,目标) of becoming a famous writer.

(8) She was born without the a____________ (能力) to speak.

(9) Shelly speaks with a slight a_________ (口音).

(10) I'd ___________ it if you give me an early reply. (感激)

2. 单项选择

(1) I’d like to do more gardening, but I never seem ________ to find the time.

A. about B. able C. active D. accurate

(2) Slavery was _______ in the US in the 19th century, and slaves were given equal fights.

A. absorbed B. abused C. abolished D. adopted

(3) A billion people in the world will not have _________ to clean drinking water.

A. action B. advance C. access D. agreement

(4) Dana admitted _________ hurt by what I had said.

A. to feel B. felt C. having felt D. feeling

(5) I couldn’t ________ the rent on my own; I want to find someone to share the room

A. aim B. allow C. afford D. advise

(6) The couple are unable to have children of their own, but hope to __________ one

A. adapt B. adopt C. advertise D. acquire

(7) This book teaches you how to _________ what is causing the stress in your life.

A. analyze B. affect C. advocate D. admire

(8) ____________ music, he also develops a strong love for painting.

A. Anything but B. All but C. Apart from D. In advance

(9) He is a man full of ____________. He dares to run risks.

A. adventure B. adolescence C. accommodation D. anniversary

(10) Max is hardworking, cheerful, and _________ honest.

A. above all B. after all C. at all D. all in all


3. 词组填空(必要时改变词形)

take action, be aimed at, be addicted to, adapt to, be against, agree with, be just about to, add up to, take advantage of, be accused of

(1) The children are finding it hard to the new school.

(2) The professor stealing his student’s ideas.

(3) The numbers exactly 100.

(4) Your story doesn’t what the police have told us.

(5) I the good weather to paint the door.

(6) The use of drugs the law; it’s illegal.

(7) These measures preventing violent crimes.

(8) We leave when Jerry arrived.

(9) The government must now to stop the rise in road accidents.

(10) Some kids surfing the Net; they often forget their schoolwork.

4.完成句子 (写到作业本上)

(1) Tom and was scolded by the manager. (缺席了会议) (absent)

(2) , Jason seemed to ignore what was happening outside. (全神贯注于工作中) (absorb)

(3) Only when you realize the importance of diligence, . (你才有可能达到目标) (achieve)

(4) With the price of goods going high, the living expenses

. (增加了人们的经济负担) (add to)

(5) I believe that through hard work, I . (我会被重点大学录取) (admit)

(6) We should make full use of time to . (把我们所学的东西用于实践)(apply)

(7) , I hope every family in the world can get together happily. (随着中秋节的来临) (approach)

(8) You should when causing trouble to others. (为所作的事道歉) (apologize)

(9) You shouldn't have made him . (被如此小事所烦恼) (annoy)

(10) Students in our school good resources in the library. (有机会使用) (access)


第2课时 (ample ~ average)

1. 单词拼写

(1)He made funny faces to a the children.

(2)You need to sit down and a (分析) why you feel so upset.

(3)My a (祖先) originally came from Ireland.

(4)The show attracts an a (观众) of about 20 million.

(5)The family are making a (安排) for his birthday party.

(6)The tall building was designed by the famous a Frank Lloyd Wright.

(7)You should phone his secretary if you want to make an a .

(8) Ann wants to be an a . Does she really like to travel and work in a spacecraft?

(9)It was discovered that three of the Olympic a had taken drugs.

(10)The couple celebrated their 20th wedding a in January.

2. 单项选择

(1)The government has _________ plans to create 10,000 new jobs.

A. answered B. announced C. approved D. assumed

(2)I knocked at the door and nobody _________.

A. applied B. apologized C. answered D. argued

(3)The bright colors can make a small room _________ much bigger.

A. arise B. arrange C. notice D. appear

(4)I don’t need any help, but I do _________ your offer.

A. apply B. appreciate C. annoy D. appeal

(5)Helen left her last job and has yet to find _________.

A. else B. other C. another D. extra

(6) ---Hello, is _________ home? ---Yes. We’re here.

A. anyone B. one C. nobody D. someone

(7)Can you do the job alone,or do you want someone to _________ you?

A. affect B. assist C. apply D. arrange

(8)He decided to adopt a different _________ and teach history through story-telling.

A. analysis B. angle C. attitude D. approach

(9)The age of the students ranged from 17 to 21 with a/an _________ of 19.

A. average B. usual C. normal D. regular

(10)Lily hoped she would pass her driving test at the first _________.

A. aspect B. attempt C. effort D. attack


(1)The school carried out an (analyze) of pupils’ needs.

(2)There were puzzles and games to keep the children (amuse).

(3)Silence,please.Mr. Bennett is about to make an (announce).

(4)After an (anxiety) wait, Audrey was told that her son was safe.

(5)She rushed into the hotel, (apology) for being so late.

(6)Women are more concerned than men about their personal (appear).

(7) I broke the vase during an (argue) with my husband.

(8)She was rushed to the hospital, but was dead on (arrive).

(9)He was one of 30 (apply) for the manager’s job.

(10)The young man was accused of (attempt) murder.

4. 选词填空(必要时改变词形) (写到作业本上)

atmosphere arrange attracts available ancient ashamed attack attend armed area

(1)Man has used the horse since times.

(2)The hotel tries to give the restaurant a more family-friendly ________ .

(3)What me to the job is the salary and the chance to travel.

(4)We need someone to work on this job immediately.Who’s ?

(5)A smoker has three times the risk of having a heart than a nonsmoker.

(6)After church, the family would go home for dinner.

(7)She was so of cheating on the test that she went and told the teacher.

(8)If you have a lot of things to do,just make a list and them in order of importance.

(9)The crowd themselves with sticks and stones and fought with the police.

(10)The room is 12 square meters in .

5. 句子翻译 (写到作业本上)












第3课时 (avoid—blood)

1. 单词拼写

(1) His nose is b . Call in a doctor; otherwise he’ll lose too much blood.

(2) Don’t worry about the dog; he won’t b .

(3) The family have a strong b in God; they think God exists.

(4) My flat has got a b , where I can stand and watch the sea.

(5) He drank strong, b coffee in order to stay up late and watch football.

(6) Two pieces of b (行李) went missing.

(7) I think I'll have a b (淋浴) and go to bed.

(8) By 9 o’clock the b (沙滩) was already crowded with people.

(9) His b (行为) in school is beginning to improve.

(10) She has a degree in b (生物).

2. 单项选择

(1)I don’t mind going there on foot. ________, the walk will do me good.

A. Beside B. Besides C. Below D. Because

(2)Brazil ________ Italy in the final, 2-1.

A. fought B. blessed C. beat D. avoided

(3)It’s important to understand people from different ________.

A. basis B. blocks C. behaviors D. backgrounds

(4)The radio stops working because the battery is ________.

A. slow B. flat C. below D. behind

(5)Bill had done everything he could ________ to me.

A. avoid talking B. to avoid talking C. avoid to talk D. to avoid to talk

(6)I ________ my balance and fell on my face.

A. kept B. 1ost C. recovered D. gained

(7)Riding a bike helps develop a child’s sense of____________.

A. being B. blank C. balance D. behavior

(8)My leg really hurts —— I'm not sure how much longer I can ________ it.

A. bear B. bend C. bless D. betray

(9)I _______ the days which I spent in pursuing knowledge and building character.

A. benefit B. am beneficial to C. benefit from D. am of benefit to

(10)I almost fell over the chair; put it back where it ________.

A. belongs B. blows C. bears D. boils

3.词组填空 (必要时改变词形) (写到作业本上)

belong to, become of, on the basis of, benefit from, because of,beg for, begin…by, be aware of, be blessed with, believe in

(1)Many thousands have the new medicine.

(2)Eric was chosen for the job his rich experience.

(3)They’re not playing baseball today the rain.

(4)The old man went from door to door, food.

(5)I’ll my speech thanking you all for being here tonight.

(6)Most people the dangers of drinking and driving.

(7)You’ve got to yourself, or you’ll never succeed.

(8)Fortunately, we good health.

(9)The watch isn’t mine; who does it ?

(10)What that student who used to live with you?

4. 句子翻译 (写到作业本上)












第4 课时(blouse—careful)

1. 单词拼写

(1)You’re so kind; thank you from the b of my heart.

(2)The Agricultural Bank of China has b all over our country.

(3)Coke and Pepsi are the most popular b of cola.

(4)They’ve made a major b in the treatment of cancer. It is a great discovery.

(5)The b got in through the kitchen window and took away the jewelry.

(6)There are only three c (求职者)for the job.

(7)Students complain about the food in the c (食堂)of the school.

(8)Today began a c (运动) to reduce road accidents.

(9)Just point the c (照相机)and press the button. It’s very easy.

(10)The organization has a b (预算)of $35 million.

2. 选词填空(必要时改变词形)

breathe, broadcast, borrow, bounce, calculate, boycott, brake, burst, brush, bury

(1)The balloon will ________ if you continue blowing it.

(2)Tommy! Stop ________ up and down on the sofa.

(3)We ________ all products tested on animals. It is so cruel.

(4)Relax and ________ deeply; it can keep you calm.

(5)The football match was ________ live all over the world.

(6)Don’t forget to ________ your teeth twice a day.

(7)The great writer died in 1956,and was ________ in the churchyard of St Mary’s.

(8)I'm trying to ________ how much money we need to buy a new flat.

(9)The driver had to ________ suddenly to avoid a dog in the road.

(10)You are allowed to ________ six books from the library at a time.

3. 单项选择

(1)The flight was already fully ________; no more seats were available.

A. booked B. borrowed C. canceled D. calculated

(2)There’s nothing to do here —— kids get ________!

A. boredom B. boring C. bored D. to be bored

(3)She ________ in tears when she heard the sad news.

A. broke off B. broke up C. broke out D. broke down

(4)It was impossible to see everything during our ________ visit to Paris.

A. bound B. brief C. brilliant D. bright

(5)While she was in prison,friends used to ________ her books and written materials.

A. bring B. take C. fetch D. carry

(6)The room is three meters long and two meters ________.

A. width B. board C. broad D. abroad

(7)In my days, children were ________ to respect the law.

A. called up B. brought up C. broken up D. built up

(8)The students are kept busy ________ for the coming exams in June.

A. prepared B. preparing C. to prepare D. being prepared

(9)There’s tea and coffee —— you can have ________.

A. both B. either C. all D. neither

(10)Excuse me, ________ I’m afraid this is a no-smoking area.

A. and B. for C. but D. so

4.词组填空(必要时改变词形) (写到作业本上)

burn down, build up, call off, call for, call in, call up, care about, care for, burst out, burst into

(1)Children the environment and want to help keep it clean.

(2)He thanked the nurses who had him while he was sick.

(3)Police were to deal with the difficult situation.

(4)The game was because of the bad weather.

(5)The old photos memories of her childhood.

(6)---Our team won! ---This a celebration.

(7)The joke was so funny; everyone in the room laughing.

(8)Laura tears and ran out of the room.

(9)The old town hall was in the 1970s and everything was destroyed.

(1 0)Taking exercise will your strength. It will make you strong.

5.句子翻译 (写到作业本上)













1. 单词拼写

(1)These flowers like sunshine and will not grow in a cold c_____________.

(2)I am working as a c_____________ and keep records or accounts in an office.

(3)As a result of the American C_____________ War, slaves became free.

(4)Fred became a British c_____________ after living there for several years.

(5)A c_____________ is held every year to remember those who died in the war.

(6)She is fascinated by the ancient c_____________ (文明)of Greece and Rome.

(7)The temperature went down to -56 c_____________.

(8)A more detailed example will be given in the next c_____________ (章节).

(9)The kids are watching cartoons on Disney c_____________ (频道).

(10)The church was built in the 13th c_____________.


(1)Will the government carry _____________ its promise to create more jobs?

A. on B. out C. away D. through

(2)If you get caught _____________ in some countries,they will cut off your hand.

A. steal B. to steal C. stealing D. to have stolen

(3) _____________ are kept on the firm for their meat or milk.

A. 200 head cattle B. 200 head of cattle

C. 200 head cattles D. 200 heads of cattle

(4)Teaching young children is a _____________ job.

A. challenge and reward B. challenging and rewarded

C. challenging and rewarding D. challenged and rewarded

(5)There’s always the chance _____________ something will go wrong.

A. if B. what C. how D. that

(6)Gibbons has been charged _____________.

A. with attempted murder B. of attempted murder

C. with attempt murder D. of attempt murder

(7)I have a wide range of gifts _________, so I can’t make up my mind.

A. chosen B. to choose C. to be chosen D. to choose from

(8)When dinner was done and _________, Auntie Lou made some tea.

A. cleared away B. cleared out C. cleaned up D. cleaned out

(9)We always travel in _____. The seats are more comfortable and the food is better.

A. business class B. first class C. tourist class D. economic class

(10)Schools ban students from bringing mobile phones, which are used to _____ in exams.

A. click B. clarify C. charge D. cheat

3.选词填空 (写到作业本上)

celebrate, character, category, choice, casual, carry, carve, clap, cause, chief

(1) All tobacco products must a health warning.

(2) It is amazing that the huge statue was from a single block of stone.

(3) Jean felt more comfortable in clothes.

(4) The results of this survey can fall into three main .

(5) Breast cancer is the leading of death for American women in their forties.

(6) When the superstar arrived, the audience and cheered.

(7) As a result of his good job, he was soon appointed engineer of the company.

(8) A person’s is very important to me when I decide who I want to work with.

(9) It’s Dad’s birthday and we’re going out for a meal to .

(10) You have a --- you can stay here on your own or you can come with us.

4. 句子翻译 (写到作业本上)



3)你知道火灾是怎么引起的吗? (cause)








巩固练习 参考答案



(1) abandon (2)absorb (3)album (4)accident (5)account

(6) anxious (7)ambition (8)ability (9)accent (10)appreciate


(1)--(5)BCCDC (6)--(10)BACAA


(1)adapt to (2)was accused of (3)add up to (4)agree with (5)took advantage of

(6)is against (7)are aimed at (8)were about to (9)take action (10)are addicted to


(1)was absent from the meeting

(2)Absorbed in work

(3)are you likely to achieve your goal

(4)have added to the economic burden of people

(5)will be admitted into a key university

(5)apply knowledge to practice

(7)With the Middle Autumn Day approaching

(8)apologize for what you did

(9)annoyed by such trivial things

(10)have access to



(1)amuse (2)analyze (3)ancestors (4)audience (5)arrangements

(6)architect (7)appointment (8)astronaut (9)athletes (10)anniversary


(1)--(5)BCDBC (6)--(10)ABDAB


(1) analysis (2)amused (3)announcement

(4) anxious (5)apologizing (6)appearance

7) argument (8)arrival (9)applying (10)attempting


(1) ancient (2)atmosphere (3)attracts (4) available (5)attack (6)attending (7) ashamed (8)arrange (9)armed (10)area


(1)He was arrested for careless driving.

(2)They always argue with each other about money.

(3)The newechnology has been applied to agriculture.

(4)He was astonished to know the truth.

(5)Why don’t you ask him for advice?

(6)She has a positive attitude towards life.

(7)She was ashamed of her behavior at the party.

(8)Tom apologized for being late.

(9)He tried to attract the waiter’s attention.

(10)He doesn’t appreciate being treated like a child.



(1)bleeding (2)bite (3)belief (4)balcony (5)bitter (6)baggage

(7)bath (8)beach (9)behavior (10)biology


(1)--(5)BCDBB (6)--(10)BCACA


(1)benefited from (2)on the basis of (3)because of (4)begging for

(5)begin…by (6)are aware of (7)believe in (8)are blessed with

(9)belong to (10)became of


(1)You should avoid mentioning his mistake again.

(2)The noise keeps everyone awake.

(3)He was banned from driving for 6 months.

(4)She can’t bear having cats at home.

(5)The boy behaved as if he were an adult.

(6)She bent and kissed the boy on the head.

(7)The bill will become law next year.

(8)Many roads were blocked by the heavy snow.

(9)The bike was damaged beyond repair.

(10)The girls were bargaining with the waders.



(1)bottom (2)branches (3)brands (4)breakthrough (5)burglar (6)candidates (7)canteen (8)campaign (9)camera (10)budget


(1)burst (2)bouncing (3)boycott (4)breathe (5)broadcast (6)brush (7)buried (8)calculate (9)brake (10)borrow


(1)--(5)ACDBA (6)--(10)CBBBC


(1)care about (2)cared for (3)called in (4)called off (5)called up

(6)calls for (7)burst out (8)burst into (9)burnt down (10)build up


(1)I don’t like to borrow money from friends.

(2)Water boils at 100 degrees centigrade.

(3)His brother was born blind.

(4)The telephone system has broken down.

(5)The government is trying to bring prices down.

(6)I don’t want to bother her with my problems.

(7)Please stay in your seats and keep calm.

(8)They get paid by the hour.

(9)Be careful not to wake the baby up.

(10)The church was built of stones.



(1)climate (2)clerk (3)Civil (4)citizen (5)ceremony

(6)civilization (7)Centigrade (8)chapter (9)Channel (10)century


(1)--(5)BCBCD (6)--(10)ADABD


(1)carry (2)carved (3)casual (4)categories (5)cause (6)clapped (7)chief (8)character (9)celebrate (10)choice


(1)Police in many countries carry guns.

(2)He Was caught in a thunderstorm.

(3)Do you know what caused the fire?

(4)How do people in your country celebrate the New Year?

(5)It's certain that they’ll agree.或They’re certain to agree·.

(6)The traffic lights changed from red to green.

(7)The operation has a good chance of success,

(8)They charged 20 for the repairs.

(9)Check your work before handing it in.

(10)What time does the bank close?
















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